Patients ready for a brand new smile through Hybridge full arch rehabilitation, can be assured that Dr Nguyen and team will provide you with personalized dental care second to none in today's market full of choices that can be time consuming to research or confusing.  Working closely with the master artisans in the Hybridge laboratory, Dr. Nguyen and team will provide you with a simplified yet comfortable experience at each customized visit by using the highest quality of materials, methods, and efficiency towards a goal of excellent oral health.  Often, a beautiful, comfortable, and functional smile can be completed in a short treatment time of three visits in three weeks.  Please view the following video to learn more about the Hybridge process which will not only will save you time, but is also extremely cost-effective.   


Hybridge Certified Dentists

Hybridge Dental Implant solutions are offered by a nationwide network of rigorously trained and experienced dentists in implant dentistry. The strict criteria required to become a Hybridge certified provider is the foundation of a selection process that ensures this national network is comprised of only specialists and highly trained dentists. If you happen to travel or move, the network of qualified Hybridge dentists can help you maintain or take care of unexpected problems that may arise with your Hybridge restoration. 

The Hybridge Process

Consistency in clinical steps is the hallmark of the Hybridge process, resulting in a predictable and a highly esthetic outcome for you, the patient.  This process has been developed over decades by doctors working closely with the master artisans at Hybridge laboratory in New York and continues to be fine-tuned for each patient to determine what is best suited for each unique patient.  

The Hybridge Dental Implant

Only the highest quality of materials, methods, and technologies are used to achieve the Hybridge smile often lasting a lifetime.  

The Hybridge Full Arch Prosthesis

Custom designed to integrate with Hybridge dental implants, the Hybridge Full Arch prosthesis is seem-less, resulting in a beautiful and natural smile for decades of enjoyment and function for health. 


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